Wooden wheelchairs, rocking chairs

Your child has started to take the first, uncertain steps…

Step by step, the child gets used to the new world, explores it, and at first he needs support, not so much physical as moral. Not feeling the support of his mother's hand, the baby may feel unprotected. It's time to pick up the kid's faithful companion and assistant in the development of this skill. Toy wheelchair will help your child:

  1. Distract from the fear of taking the first steps on their own;
  2. Explore the world around him;
  3. Associate the connection between the action and the reaction to it (push the stick-the wheels turn, pull the string the toy starts moving);
  4. From an early age, develop a sense of responsibility (the child makes sure that the toy does not turn over, the rope does not hit the wheel, etc.);
  5. Develop motor skills.

We offer a large selection of gurneys on a string for every taste, but if you do not find in our catalog what you want, we can make a gurney to order, just write to us.

Wooden wheelchairs, rocking chairs

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